A Nuclear Bomb Blast Simulator For Your Zip Code

Not a pleasant simulator but a great reminder that we need to change the world we live in.

It’s an interactive nuclear bomb simulator that visually shows how many people could die, how far away it could reach and how far the radiation could travel from a selection of different nuclear weapons.

The tool exists to raise awareness about the real threats of nuclear war facing the world today.

If we don’t find a way to end war it may one day end us.

Click Link And Enter You Zip Code To Start The Simulator, You Can Choose Between Different Bombs At The Top: https://outrider.org/nuclear-weapons/interactive/bomb-blast

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  1. … well, I guess it’s a good thing I’m no where near the location I punched in.

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  2. I live close to not 1, but 2 Army bases, am I in danger? Oh, I’m a goner for sure.

    But I’m NOT all doom and gloom

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  3. Meh, if it happens, I had a good life.

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