An Entire Lake Appeared Out Of Nowhere

We tend to think that things like geographical features take hundred or even thousands of years to form, like for instance, “Lakes”.


A sudden mysterious appearance of a lake in Africa has stirred up a huge curiosity with the locals and some head scratching with scientist.

The lake appeared seemingly overnight in the middle of a desert in Tunisia. The lake is about a hectare in area and has an average depth of 10 to 18 meters. Due to the lake’s size, people in the area set up a makeshift beach, which locals call “Gafsa Lake”. The lake formed in the middle of a drought and the area receives very little rainfall.

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  1. What is the scientific explanation for the sudden appearance of this lake?

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  2. It’s not surprising no animals are flocking to this water, “they” probably know better.


  3. Gafsa is an oasis, so water coming from the underground nothing unusual and quite normal in such geological depression zones. However, the dimension really quite a miracle!

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  4. Just wanted to thank you for visiting and following my blog. Just checked yours out. Very interesting. Take care.

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