According To Many The Monopoly Man Had A Monicle But Parker Brothers Says He Never Had One

There is evidence that the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Penny Bags, had a monocle but “Parker Brothers” does not have any record of him ever having had a monocle.

Where this gets strange:

People not only remember him having a monocle but there are also old newspaper clippings describing Uncle Penny Bags and his monocle. There are also movies where they spoof the character and he has a monocle.

Which one do you remember?

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  1. I always thought he had a monocle back in the day, but when he was updated they took it away…also I never knew he had a name

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  2. It is when two (or more) memories merge to become one thought.
    Still; it does not mean that “things aren’t being changed.

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  3. I submit to you that people are remembering Mr.Peanut. He has a cane and a top hat and a monocle. They see a guy with a cane and a top hat and they expect to see a monocle too.

    I rest my case.

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  4. The fucking guy never had a monocle idiots.

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