According To Many The Monopoly Man Had A Monicle But Parker Brothers Says He Never Had One

There is evidence that the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Penny Bags, had a monocle but “Parker Brothers” does not have any record of him ever having had a monocle.

Where this gets strange:

People not only remember him having a monocle but there are also old newspaper clippings describing Uncle Penny Bags and his monocle. There are also movies where they spoof the character and he has a monocle.

Which one do you remember?

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  1. I always thought he had a monocle back in the day, but when he was updated they took it away…also I never knew he had a name

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  2. It is when two (or more) memories merge to become one thought.
    Still; it does not mean that “things aren’t being changed.

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  3. I submit to you that people are remembering Mr.Peanut. He has a cane and a top hat and a monocle. They see a guy with a cane and a top hat and they expect to see a monocle too.

    I rest my case.

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  4. The fucking guy never had a monocle idiots.

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  5. Interesting that all the “Proof” looked over shows the monocle on different eyes, this means that they are counterfeit, modified, or at least not originals. Companies are very careful to keep a trademark consistent.


  6. I can Totally see The Japanese Magazine Cover/Newspaper Article Picture Version…I Mean, there could be a Japanese Version Of The game where he has one…but the American Version definitely does not have one!

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  7. Monopoly man always had a monocle. I just heard about this today. I played monopoly growing up with my sisters for hours on end. He always had one. Always.

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