Woman Forced To Deliver Baby Alone In Jail Cell

Diana gave birth to a boy at 10:44 a.m. on July 31, 2018 in a Denver jail cell.

You can see her on video, alone in a cell, crying out in pain forced to deliver a baby on a bench, feet away from a jail toilet with no medical supervision or treatment.

No Epidural, just hours of pain.

An investigation later found that the jail didn’t do anything wrong.

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  1. What the eff?! The treatment of pregnant women in jail is a problem anyway. There are a few correctional facilities (there’s one in Indiana) where the mother gives birth, and they keep the infant on premises in a daycare. The mom gets to bond with the baby and care for it, for a year. Being the first year of life the most vital in child development. I hope this woman wins this case

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  2. Maybe not legally wrong but what happened to compassion!

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    • You Asked — “Maybe not legally wrong but what happened to compassion!”

      My Response — We don’t know if it was illegal yet, the case is still in court.

      As far as compassion goes, it lowers based on race, class, sex, age and location. With so many social factors against her I think that they actually hated her on some level.

      Sad world.

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