70 Missing Children Leads A Man To A Strange Discovery About Disaster Shelters

So while reviewing news clips for missing children, one man noticed something very strange with disaster victims in shelters from the recent storms. There are a number of other strange events with missing children towards the end of the video.

I normally would enter the information into the post but this has to be seen to really understand what he’s pointing out. He is not saying there is a conspiracy, he is just asking some obvious questions.

It would appear that the rate of missing people in the USA is increasing but why isn’t it headline news?

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  1. What is happening to these children? Are some of them abducted for sex? What do you think?

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    • I think so. I think we are looking at a huge child abuse network across the states. Everything from sex to slavery. My big question is what the heck is going on in those shelters and why isn’t this plastered on the front page of the newspaper. Why are we labeling children as runaways if they are not fond? Shouldn’t they be listed as missing since no one knows where they are?

      Something dirty is going on. The numbers are alarming, why would they be ignored?

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  2. I think it’s bc no one really cares or even cares that they don’t care. Now I’m asking myself why.

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  3. Reblogged this on J-M's History Corner and commented:
    Well, THAT’s pretty sobering. And sinister. Watch the entire video – seriously. Don’t skip it.

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  4. This is freaky. So if there is malice involved I would think they’d try to scrub the missing persons numbers.

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  5. Apparently the clintons did that in Haiti


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