Are We Building A Box We Can’t Climb Out Of

Two of the most advanced technologies mankind has ever made are being joined together, (AI and Robotics).

They are being joined together for the sole purpose of doing our dirty work. The jobs we humans no longer want to do or don’t have the stomach for.

With almost every prophet of science fiction warning us, through story after story about how our hubris will cost us the world.

We are now teaching machines how to have emotions. The same emotions that we ourselves have not mastered will now be in the hands of the most powerful children we have ever seen.

What does it look like when an AI in the future, that controls half of the self-driving cars on Earth, has a psychotic break?

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  1. I think it’s terrible that more and more robots are doing jobs around the world instead of the humans. There are movies warning against such things as well as novels (such as “Killswitch” the 4th book in “The Seven Signs” series – actually, the whole series has a warning of what can happen with technology), but people think it is just entertainment.

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  2. I think, we think that we are smarter and more powerful than what we really are.

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  3. Setting ourselves up for a nasty fall.

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  4. Do you think AI will get road rage? Half the drivers out there are oblivious. Maybe that would be a good thing? I don’t think cars will be in the ground anymore with AI. Hard to get out and fight from up there

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    • I was thinking more about how an AI controlling a few million cars can’t afford to suddenly have an identity crisis. That type of distraction could lead to an unforeseen computational error like changing all th lights to green at the same time or turning a few thousand cars left all of a sudden.

      Just saying

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  5. When you let apps control your life, this is the beginning of robotical reign or technocracy.

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  6. We’re fucked.

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  7. Airline control AI decides to have a panic attack.

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