People Are Putting Tattoo’s Directly On Their Eye’s

Tattooed eyes is a new practice of coloring the eyeball by injecting ink into the sclera, (the white of the eye), the layer that protects the eye.


Tattooing the eye is risky and can lead to blindness. Tattoo artists have definitely not been trained to poke eyeballs with needles. The people who perform the injections are not surgeons. Possible unclean needles and ink that is not designed for being injected into peoples eyes could cause permanent damage almost immediately.


There’s no certification for corneal tattooing, just a stranger, in a strange place, with a needle pointed directly at your eye.

When it goes right

When it goes wrong

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  1. Anyone who does this deserves what they get. It would be like tattooing your eardrum and scratching your head at why you lost your hearing.

    People are either getting really, really bored or are becoming really, really stupid.

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