News Anchors Argue To Prove That Santa Is White And Warns Kids Not To Fear

News anchors are seen debating the race of Santa Claus in a serious plea to keep children from stressing out with the possibility of him being black.

Watching adults talk about imaginary magical beings, in a serious way, is a special moment that everyone should experience at least once.

Where this gets even stranger:

The conversation advances to bring Jesus into the argument to somehow provide validity to the Santa argument. While this is happening there are random warnings to children too, “Not Worry”, and then reassure them that Santa is white.

It’s clear that race is an obsession with Americans but who would have thought it would cross over into the imaginary world of make believe.

Categories: Pure Idiocracy


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It really sets my mind at ease knowing we have Fox News to get to the bottom of the real issues.

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  2. Fox News is great …especially for all (us) chickens.

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  3. Nice post my friend. Another age old mystery solved. I’m sure glad we don’t have anything of importance to worry about.

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