This poem was inspired by Halloween, in the sense that we trust a dangerous unchecked world with our children. I wanted to create a character that was mostly unseen and quiet but frighteningly lethal to encounter. A character that embodied all the known fears from childhood.



It is time again, but they are not prepared.

They will think their eyes deceive them and scratch away the dirt and lint.
In fun not fear they will don their clothes and scare away all but one who knows.
Show me oh laughing child where your love grows.

Here deep within my chest, hidden in a field of dreams.
Where anger is but a small dog who always seems to smile at the passing breeze.
Who are you?

I am the whisper that you hear,
so you stop and freeze in fear,
for there is no one near.

I am the rustle in the bushes, and the crackle of the leaves,
the darkness of the forest and the looming of the trees.
When you walk with me you will feel no ease.

I am the reason you leave the light on in the hall,
And sometimes from your closet I will call.

You whisper “Please toys don’t get up and walk
and never never try to talk.”

But still you haven’t guessed my name
and now I’ll have to end this game.

I am the shadow you saw by chance,
so you stopped to take a second glance,
and there you saw me all alone,
sucking on a femur bone.

We talked…. you shivered from the cold.
I smiled…. and your hair grew old.
I reached…. you lost all your breath
I grabbed…. and scared you to death

Your friends will grieve their loss,
and in their sleep they will toss.

But on the day they say goodbye,
I will make you blink an eye,
and they will jump in such a way,
you’ll say it’s sick the way I play,
but true to nature I’ll always stay.

So, if one day you see something in the corner of your eye,
keep on walking and pass it by,
or it might be the day you die.

Alex Sutton

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  1. I ain’t sceeeeeered!
    I think anyone who has hurt a child has done something monstrous!! Where does the motivation to commit an atrocity against a child come from? It’s too late to ask my abuser. I think ‘the abuser’ is an archetype. I think child abusers have evil imaginations and intentions. I think at their core is a trigger that can be activated when an especially Choice victim crosses their path. When that happens it’s an opportunity for their leaking hatred to be expressed in a gush of mutant Joy. As a consequence a child’s innocence is sacrificed and spoiled from being exposed for the first time to unconstrained treachery and betrayal. The hideousness of the Act may turn the child into an abuser if no one helps them to understand what has happened to them is not their fault. they need help from someone who’s empathetic to them in order to cope and recover from the reality of emotional and or physical wounds. hurt people hurt people. Finding things that motivate me to recover and be released from the pain of my past trauma has been a major theme in discovery of things that work and things that help me fight the constant battle of Despair and depression. I have found many tools and implements to lift such in my recovery processes. Here’s the song I especially like in that regard.

    Everybody’s just waiting to hear from the one
    Who can give them the answers
    And lead them back to that place
    In the warmth of the sun
    Where sweet childhood still dances
    Who’ll come along
    And hold out that strong
    That gentle father’s hand
    Long ago I heard someone say
    Something ’bout Everyman

    For Everyman(1973)
    – Jackson Browne

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    • I would also add that we need to address damaged people at an early age. Catch abuse when or right before it starts. We need for society to own it’s children in a way that helps them without controlling them.

      Something with the passion and financing we give sports but without putting ideas in their heads. They simply need more of the system on their side.

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  2. I forgot to check the box where it says I can receive a reply to my comment. I would very much like to hear from you!!

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