Human Pets Are A Real Thing

It’s known as “Pup Play” and it’s a very real part of the world you live in.

Pup play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or handler. The pup acts like a typical pet. The handler maintains the role as a dedicated pet owner. It’s exactly as it sounds, people are acting like human pets, playing with toys, on all fours, wagging, barking, and eating out of dog bowls, etc.


The people who play as pets say they are tapping into the core animalistic side of themselves, they call it entering their “headspace”. Pets have alter-animal personalities, with pet names. The goal is to abandon human thought, reason, and intellect in the pursuit of instinct based reactions.

Pets often wear animal collars, with name tags. The collar will often be hidden when at work or with family. Pets are owned and not to be played with without the owner’s permission. The full leather outfits help a pup get into their headspace and maintain anonymity in public places.


The Handlers experience an incredible mix Of dominance and control that comes with owning and training a human pet. See for yourself how strange your world really is. This video is clean so no worries.

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  1. My granddaughter does this. …but she’s four, so I don’t say much. LoL

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  2. my husband told me more the once he wants to be a dog, I laugh but relise as it went on it was no joke so i would joke with him,I told him you laugh a site you see pet play know you want to be 1 i cant belive it i tell him you want me to tell our friends my husband wants to be a dog wear a coller walk on all 4 eat from a dog bowl, You wants that cant belive he said yes,

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