Poem: About People Infected by Money

To be clear I’m not against money but I’ve seen an abundance of cruelty and recklessness committed in the pursuit of it. So much against children and the environment that I made this poem because the disgust just overflowed one day. The few hundred people at the top with the most money and control no longer fear the law, value workers or respect life and there is an overabundance of proof to support that statement.


Man is now as stone, cold and hard.
Handed over to a depraved and corrupt nature.

Infected through all the parts of the body,
steeped in sin and lovers of greed,
the flesh and every unclean thing.

Loving not the wondrous works of GOD
but rather the hate and poverty of lost souls.

Alex Sutton

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  1. The Bible does say that the love of money is the root of all evil.

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