Why Does No One Remember The Terrorist Attack That Damaged The Statue Of Liberty?

  • Do you remember Germany launching a terrorist attack on American soil?
  • Do you remember Germany damaging the Statue Of Liberty?
  • Do you remember the “Torch” section of the Statue Of Liberty being closed off for over 100 years?

German Terrorists Launched an Attack on American Soil, on July 30, 1916. The force was so powerful, that windows were blown out as far as 25 miles away.


Earthquake-like vibrations registered between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter Scale and were felt as far away as Maryland and Connecticut. Shrapnel pierced many parts of The Statue of Liberty, including several pieces that lodged in the arm. The torch section, outer walkway, and arm were permanently closed to the public. Germany was forced to pay the United States restitution, via a world court ruling at The Hague.

Where this gets strange.

Most people don’t remember any of this happening. The reason it’s making waves now is due to the ever-growing Mandela Effect. Many people see this as a change made to our reality or history. For me, it just leaves questions.

  • Why has it never been repaired?
  • Why is it not a major topic in schools?
  • Why don’t we have a day of remembrance?

    We rebuilt the twin towers but we can’t fix the statue of liberty? This doesn’t make any sense to me, why would we not fix the statue of liberty for over a hundred years?

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  1. The torch was redesigned after being closed to traffic. Much of the copper was replaced with stained glass.

    There were always problems with torch being too dim. Once it was damaged by the explosion, the narrow passage was closed & getting the torch brighter seemed more important:

    They just opened a new museum in May.

    History Channel has it:

    No. It isn’t taught in school. Neither is much of any kind of history. Dumbing down has been happening for generations. An educated public is an informed public. Can’t have a smart proletariat or plebs. They might rise up & cast off their shackles.

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  2. This indicates who is behind this. The British empire serves to benefit from this because they got us in to a war of their own making and now are changing history to make it seem just.


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