People Have Mysteriously Disappeared In The “Bennington Triangle”, In Vermont 

On December 1, 1949, a WWII veteran, named James E. Tetford, from Vermont, disappeared from a moving bus containing 14 other passengers. Tetford was on his way home to Bennington from a trip to St. Albans, Vermont. The bus driver and 14 witnesses testified that they had last seen him sleeping in his seat and that the bus did not make any stops, but when they reached their destination Mr. Tetford was gone. All of his belongings were still on the luggage rack and a bus timetable lay open on his empty seat.

Where this gets stranger:

Mr. Tetford’s wife, 28-year-old Pearl, had disappeared without a trace years before his disappearance. When he returned home to Vermont from the end of his second tour of military service at the end of WW2, his wife had vanished and the property they rented in Fletcher Town had been abandoned. Tedford’s family said they had last seen her as she was heading to the Amoco store in Franklin, but they never saw her again.

Where this goes far beyond strange:

Other disappearances occurred between the years of 1945-1950, with several seemingly unconnected people. They all vanished in an area of southwestern Vermont that has come to be known as the Bennington Triangle.

  • On November 12, 1945, 74-year-old Middie Rivers disappeared while out hunting. Rivers was guiding a group of four hunters up the mountains. On the way back, Rivers got ahead of the group and was never seen again.
  • On December 1, 1946, 18-year-old Paula Jean Welden disappeared while hiking. She was seen on the trail by an elderly couple who were about 100 yards behind her. According to them, she turned a corner on the trail, and when they reached the same corner, she had disappeared.
  • On October 12, 1950, 8-year-old Paul Jephson disappeared from his mothers truck, where she left him to feed some pigs.
  • On October 28, 1950, Frieda Langer, 53, disappeared while hiking. Over the next two weeks, five searches were conducted, involving aircraft, helicopters, and up to 300 people. On May 12, 1951, her body was found in an area that had been extensively searched previously. No cause of death could be determined because of the condition of her remains.

Langer was the last person to disappear and the only one whose body was found. No direct connections have been identified that tie these cases together, other than the general geographic area and time period.

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