Poem: I Touched A Ghost

I saw a poem recently that had two different styles of writing in it and wanted to give it a try. I also wanted the ending to be a bit challenging and stir the creative mind.

I touched a ghost.jpg

I reached out and touched a ghost one night
He turned and looked with much delight
Count from 10 he said real low
When you start is when we go

My hand was cold and locked in place
While I stared at his face
All my thoughts began to thin
So I began to count from 10

10 — Through walls we rushed with ease
9 — Up high into the clouds we leapt
8 — Surfed on a speedy breeze
7 — Through space and time we crept
6 — Back down to Earth we fell
5 — Landing by my silent bed
4 – Loudly the ghost did yell
3 – Waking me with spectral dread
2 – Away he twisted from my sight

So I reached into his light
He turned around with a grin

And asked me to count from 10

Alex Sutton

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  1. I like this poem a lot!! I had a dream last night about someone who I knew 30 years ago in the past who committed suicide. She seemed to be a portal to the Past and to the Future. We were all sitting around like Indians in a tent passing the Talking Stick. The other people who were there were just Shadows of themselves. And now that I think of it 30 years ago they were Shadows. I mean they were not free of defense and coping patterns and propaganda. They were locked in paranoiac default modes because of their unacknowledged trauma from the past.
    The woman, Marilyn who had succumbed to depression and died of an overdose 30 years ago, was not a shadow but was her real self. even when I’d known her in the flash she was more real than the shadow people. A very inspiring person!! Me and my spouse were also in that room or that tent and had shed some of the past so that we were more solidly present than most of the people who are also trying to be in there with us. Marilyn said she could predict the future. I got up and laid down in front of her on my front with my face turned to her. I think I indicated to her that I was listening and waiting for her to speak. She did speak!! But I was distracted by some tiny bronze colored seed beads embedded in the brown carpet in front of my eyes. I picked some of them up to inspect them more closely. They Appeared to be more real than anything in that dream!! They were super real and I could see that they had holes & could be strung on a thread. I kind of blacked out then in the dream . Me getting up. Walking away from Marilyn I noticed I was carrying a big plastic bag full of what I thought was brightly colored wrapped candy. As I walked away I felt a Pang of guilt that I wasn’t sharing it around the room. I especially was feeling guilty that I wasn’t sharing it with my spouse. But then I sensed that I wasn’t meant to share it with shadows. I was relieved to find that my spouse had a smaller bag full of whatever that was I thought was candy. It wasn’t candy. It was Tiny gifts that I think represented my intellectual, spiritual and psychological content.

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  2. In hypnotical trance you may also count to 10 for going deeper in your self. But this experience here is quite different of course. Is this just a poem or do you have really encountered such an event?

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  3. Quite well done. Actually kinda fun.

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