Stairs On The Outside Of A Very Tall Building

This photo caught my attention, someone designed this building with the stairs on the outside. The railing is simple half height so the ability to trip and fall is very real.

Is this bravery or stupidity or is it possible it’s normal outside the US.

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  1. Hello Realitydecoded. Going down might be ok if you have a day of so, but you would have to be an Olympic athlete to even begin to go up those stairs. The idea along makes me exhausted. Hugs

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  2. Those stairs are not for everyone OR everyday use.

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  3. Saved em a ton of money on fire escapes. I’d definitely like it.

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  4. A building that tall? Architecturally, it’s stunning. Practicality? Probably for jaunts between a few floors and emergency movement if there is a fire. I guarantee there is an elevator…or several. It definitely would freak out folks that don’t like heights.

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  5. Where is it?
    It looks like a case of photo-shop.


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