Children Are Literally Being Dressed Like Hookers By Parents For Live Pageants

A child beauty pageant is a contest where very young children wear makeup, fake teeth, false eyelashes, lipstick, elaborate hairstyles, fake breasts, padded buttocks, and clothing so provocative that most adults wouldn’t be seen in them. Spray tanning and waxing are also common.

These children perform in a high-stress environment where appearance – not talent or skill – has the highest valued. They are being paraded in a world of adult sensibilities with no thought of what the long-term repercussions will bet?

In normal situations, parents are the defenders but in these pageants, parents are the fuel and motivation to participate. 

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  1. Kids are innocent. It’s the parents of these kids who need counselling!

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  2. Wow Lander. People are so very bright. This could be a “how to achieve anorexia” formula for success.

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  3. Some people shouldn’t have children.

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  4. Sad – to say the very least.

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  5. I know this show. Sometimes the parents can be extremely competitive.


  6. Where did the gif of the girl crying come from that looks real it should be tracked and reported?

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