The Impossible Music Band That Sang For The Future

I have to warn you, first, that you are about to read something you may find to be impossible but I promise you it’s true. Below is the real name of a music band that made its debut in July 2001. The band formed in 1999 Athens, GA, United States.

Name of the band  —  “I Am the World Trade Center”

I assure you, there are no jokes in this article. “I Am the World Trade Center” is a real synth-pop band created in the late ’90s. Before I give you time to process all of this I have another surprise, as hard as it is to believe they also released the song below just two months before the attacks on 911.

Name of the song  —  “September”

You are almost there. Believe it or not, the song was released on the track below.

Track number  —  “11”

Yep, the track “September” by the band, “I Am the World Trade Center,” released in July 2001, is the 11th track of the album. As in, “World Trade Center September 11th.”


Out of the Loop is the debut album by American synthpop duo, “I Am the World Trade Center,” released on July 17, 2001. 

Less than two months later, it gained some controversy after the September 11 attacks, due to both the band’s name and the coincidental title of their 11th track, “September.” The band was seen as gathering shameless attention out of the attacks when in actuality Out of the Loop was released prior to the event.


  1. “Metro [Brooklyn Mix]” – 3:16
  2. “Me to Be” – 2:42
  3. “Sounds So Crazy” – 2:58
  4. “Look Around You” – 3:04
  5. “Light Delay” – 3:01
  6. “Inside Your Head” – 3:21
  7. “Holland Tunnel” – 3:16
  8. “Flute Loops” – 2:14
  9. “Aurora Borealis” – 2:34
  10. “You Don’t Even Know Her” – 2:39
  11. “September” – 3:31
  12. “Move On” – 2:29
  13. “Analogous” – 3:50
  14. “Metro [Athens Mix]” – 3:34

The past, present, and future are connected and some are using it without even knowing.

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