Your World Map Is A Lie

How many of you went to school looking at a map like the one below? This is known as the “Mercator Map,” the most popular map used in America and taught in schools.


Now let’s look at Greenland on the “Mercator Map” next to Africa on the same map. Notice that they are nearly the same size.


Now let’s look at the actual size of Greenland next to the actual size of Africa as it would be in the real world. Notice the size diffrence. 


In the real world:


Not only is the current map used in schools wrong, it doesn’t even have the equator in the right place. The current map is called the, “Mercator Projection” map. It was created in the late 1500s to help sailors but why would we use a map that is so far from the reality we live in?

We have a much better map:


The AuthaGraph map, created by Hajime Narukawa, a Tokyo-based architect, and artist, broke the globe up into 96 regions and folded it into a tetrahedron and then a pyramid before finally flattening it into a two-dimensional sheet. The multi-step process preserves the true dimensions of the continents by angling them outward instead of stretching them, maintaining the illusion that they’re all laid out vertically like we’re used to. Antarctica is intact and at the bottom right.The Americas and Africa are tilted inward and pushed to the upper corners of the map, while Australia sits upright at the bottom center. The continents are all rendered as they actually appear. Africa has regained its geographic primacy while North America and Europe are shrunk back to their true sizes. By breaking longstanding rules governing how the continents and lines of latitude and longitude should appear, Narukawa has achieved a geographically accurate depiction of Earth.

Welcome to the real world!

Click here for an interactive map that allows you to drag any country over another to see the real size comparison.

Click here for a direct comparison between two countries at a time.

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  1. Well my mind is completely blown by this!! Flat is beautiful!!

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    • I was also shocked when I learned this. The more I learn about life and culture the more I learn how much I’ve been lied to.

      At the same time it’s not anyone’s fault but my own. I should have investigated what I was learning instead of taking it for granted. The world is beautifully made and complex so I will seek to understand it in more detail.

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  2. That’s interesting. I recall now hearing in the past that the sizes on the maps weren’t very accurate and were distorted.

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  3. I remember learning this years ago when I was a sign language interpreter in a socials class – the teacher talked about that with the class and said the maps are inaccurate in relations to the size of the continents. It always stuck in my head and this is so cool to get to see what he was talking about!!!

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  4. Larger size equates to larger power.

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