US Army Sprayed Radioactive Zinc On Multiple States

Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage), was a Chemical Corps operation in 1957 and 1958 which dispersed microscopic zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS) particles over much of the United States. The purpose was to determine the dispersion and geographic range of biological or chemical agents.

It was not thought at the time to pose any particular health risk.

Operation LAC was undertaken in 1957 and 1958 by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. The U.S. Air Force loaned the Army a C-119, “Flying Boxcar”, and it was used to disperse zinc cadmium sulfide by the ton in the atmosphere over the United States.

The first test occurred on December 2, 1957, from South Dakota to International Falls, Minnesota.

Stations on the ground tracked the fluorescent zinc cadmium sulfide particles. During the first test and subsequently, much of the material dispersed ended up being carried by winds into Canada.

A typical flight would release 5,000 pounds of zinc cadmium sulfide.

  • What part of the constitution allows for this?
  • How many people went to jail for this?
  • How often is this history taught in schools?
  • How many states were notified before they sprayed them?
  • Do you see anything being sprayed today?
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  1. Oh, I’m quite sure they (us army) aren’t the only entities that spray(ed) “stuff” on the citizenry

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  2. they have worm filled brains to dream up this crap. insane does not do it justice. they are beyond insane

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