Children Are Disappearing In Record Numbers But Some Of The Children Found Defy Rational Understanding

Over 2100 children are reported missing every single day in the United States.
That equates to a child reported missing every 41 seconds!

Most are found but a percentage of them are never found.

Where this takes an even darker turn:

Within the ranks of those recovered is a grey area where children are found but the circumstances defy logic. The videos below touch a topic that most would just walk away from.

‘Ridiculous’ number of missing kids in Oregon

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  1. As you are probably aware at 2.30 on this tape is a sighting of a “creature ” that seems to be escaping out of a stream of floating debris during the tsunami in japan.

    The transparent beings are pretty interesting! Dunno if one can connect them categorically to those wierd dissaperances & UFO sightings. Serial killers are uncanny in the ways they hide victims. I’ve watched too many stories like that. I recall that in the movie “silence of the lambs” Clairese tried to work with Hannibal Lecter in order to get insight into the mind of another killer. Morbid curiosity!

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  2. That’s an interesting coincidence, it’s one of the videos I have in the article I posted on why we should stop believing in ghost and start looking to see what these entities really are:

    There are things out, there walking among us, hiding in superstition so we don’t investigate them.

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  3. Yeah, I’ve listened to many videos about David Paulides research. Creepy.

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  4. It’s all creepy and scary but weirdly intriguing.

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  5. Those are some fascinating videos. I spend a lot of time in the woods. Happily never seen the transparent thingy. I’d need a change of underwear. I did have one experience I couldn’t really explain.

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