Women Now Have An Implant That Provides Orgasms On Demand

Some women with orgasmic dysfunction, are plagued due to their inability to achieve an orgasm naturally. However, an implant to deliver an orgasm to women with just the push of a button has been created: The E-spot

During surgery for the device implant, the patient would remain conscious throughout the operation to fit the implant, in which the surgeon will locate the correct nerves that best fit the electrodes in the patient’s spinal cord. This would all connect to a signal generator implanted elsewhere in the body.

Once the E-spot device is implanted, the stimulation could be done through the use of a hand-held remote control that delivers orgasms at the push of a button.

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  1. That’s interesting to know!

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  2. Well as if cell phones and tv remotes aren’t already a big enough distraction!! lol I was reading a few years ago about how husbands would send their wives to sanitariums because they were angry and unmanageable and they would put a device on the patients to create orgasms and then the wives would go home all happy – apparently many women asked to be sent back lol


  3. I’m suddenly seeing the films of rats hitting the pleasure button until they die.


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