In The 1800’s Men Wore Metal Spiked Devices To Prevent Erections

In the 1800s it was believed that masturbation and wet dreams were a symptom of a condition called “spermatorrhea” or “seminal weakness”.

The ring was placed at the base of the penis and fastened with a screw such that any engorgement of the organ would meet with the teeth of the ring and arrest the process.

If a man had ejaculations outside of marital intercourse, or released more semen than is typical, he was considered mentally ill.

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  1. Looks more like a medieval torture device

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  2. They had bad thoughts that were unclean, thoughts like those are not allowed in certain religions so they came up with a way to break the cycle.

    The first tool of the thought police.

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  3. And we can thank Kellog (yeah, the cereal guy) for going all “chop chop” on the foreskin thing too.


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