Phosphorus Fertilizer in Your Lawn or Garden

Fertilizers containing phosphorus are a major source of groundwater contamination and radiation exposure during lawn maintenance.fertilizing-lawn
The most common method for making fertilizer, that contains phosphorous, leaves behind a waste called phosphogypsum, which emits radon, a radioactive gas. It also contains uranium and radium, which are radioactive elements.


Phosphorous is an essential nutrient for plants and a common ingredient in many fertilizers. However, the processing of phosphate rock to make phosphate-based fertilizer may leave radium (Ra-226) in the end product. The levels of Ra-226 vary depending upon the type of fertilizer blend and the origin of the phosphate rock.


Starter fertilizer can contain higher phosphorus levels.

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  1. I have heard of this before. Isn’t it funny that we poison ourselves and our families, just trying to control our own grass? Grass, that’s how good life is here in America, that we are obsessed with grass!!!

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    • Exactly!! This is why I say we don’t value our families.

      How can you value someone while you try to kill them for vanity?

      When I stopped using that garbage I got flack from a host of people in my neighborhood. Because my lawn doesn’t look “Perfect” anymore. It looks good just not perfect.

      It’s not that super creepy green anymore, and the grass is mingled with wild grass like plants but it looks good.

      Something sick is going on in America and they have us chanting these strange phrases like “Family first” to keep us convinced that everything is ok.

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  2. Not using it in my garden but interesting post!

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  3. Eggshells, man, eggshells. Crush them up as finely as you can, and spread them over anything you grow.

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  4. Damn. If it ain’t roundup, it’s this.

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