A Car That Runs Off Of Air And Produces Zero Pollution

The AIRPod vehicle is the solution to urban pollution and urban mobility. It has a small size, tiny price, zero pollution, and futuristic design.

It runs off of compressed air.


The developer of the Air Car, as a compression-based alternative to the internal combustion engine, has attained rights to build modular plants in the United States to produce the air-powered vehicles branded ‘AIRPod’. https://zeropollutionmotors.us/

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  1. This idea isn’t much better than walk-in bathtubs. Getting a supply of compressed air is a big problem as is storage capacity in the vehicle. Walk-in tubs are a real scam. Walk in and sit while the tub fills with water at a controlled temperature? How do they do it.

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  2. Most importantly, the 60 kph Air car is extremely economical to operate; the designers estimate that it costs only $2 per 100 kilometres (about a tenth that of a petrol car). Its mileage is roughly twice as much as the most technologically advanced electric car (200 to 300 km or 10 hours of driving), which makes it the ideal choice for cities where 80% of drivers travel less than 60 km per hour.


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