Critical Thinking Mixed With Coffee Creamer = No More Drinking Coffee

I was having a discussion the other day,  with my uncle, and as we dived deeper into the topic a comment was made that I hear from time to time, “You think too much”. I paused for a second, which, if you think about it (no pun intended), is the fulfillment of the spirit of why the statement was made.

I literally stopped thinking and actively questioned whether I was wasting time. Luckily for me, I became more energized against that statement and stated out loud just before returning to the debate, “No! If anything, we need to think more!”.

This brings me to why I made this post, COFFEE-MATE.
I ran out of cream for my coffee this morning so I went to Amazon to order more. Just as I was about to place the order I decided to think about it. I wanted to add thought to the equation and get a real understanding of what was being done and why.

First: What is my relationship with COFFEE-MATE cream? Simply put, I use it solely for coffee, so what is my relationship with coffee?

    • I usually purchase the first cup of coffee at Panera in the morning 3 to 5 times a week before going to work.
    • The next 4 cups on average I get at work for free.
    • Last few cups are at home after work from my Keurig machine.
    • I drink on average 3 cups a day on the weekend at home.
  • Creamer
    • I use half and half at Panera.
    • I use COFFEE-MATE creamer at work and at home.
  • Sweater
    • At home, I use raw organic cane sugar.
    • At work, I use white processed sugar.

So…. Some eye openers right from the start, I drink way more coffee than I was consciously aware of. I would like to be somewhere between 1 to 3 cups a day at most.

Next the Panera: This is usually my first frustration of the day. The lines, the lack of resources at the coffee bar and the cost.

 Panera CoffeeHome Keurig CoffeeSavings
Daily$2.09 $0.75 $1.34
Weekly$8.36 $3.00 $5.36
Monthly$33.44 $12.00 $21.44
Yearly$401.28 $144.00 $257.28

If I cut out the Panera run I’ll get to work faster, with less frustration and save $21 a month in added expenses, not to mention my home coffee with the Keurig tastes better.

I drink Newman’s Organic at home so I looked to see what the “Five Star Food Service” coffee from work was and couldn’t get any details on the coffee used. I’ve learned that when you can’t see what’s in your food or drink… it’s time to change. I’m going to switch to tea at work to reduce the coffee count. I did some quick studies on teas that increase cognitive capability to match the theme. The two below were ordered.

  • Organic Gingko Biloba Tea:
    • Protects nerve cells
    • Positive effects have been studied in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients with powerful results.
    • Excellent for memory retention
  • Organic India Tulsi Caffeine Free Tea, Gotu Kola
    • For memory retention and focus
    • Boosts circulation of blood throughout the brain
    • Better clarity, focus, concentration, and attention.

I also wanted to look deeper into the creamer I’m using for the remaining coffee.

    • Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Partially Hydrogenated Coconut or Palm Kernel, Hydrogenated Soybean), Corn Syrup Solids, and less than 2% of Sodium Caseinate (a Milk Derivative)**, Dipotassium Phosphate (Moderates Coffee Acidity), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Mono-and Diglycerides (prevents oil separation), Sodium Aluminosilicate, Salt.

Corn syrup of any kind is a big no for me so that was a surprise.

All partially hydrogenated oils contain high levels of trans fats, which are brutal to your body. Companies are legally allowed to say “trans fat-free” if the serving size is small.

Sodium caseinate: Your Brain and Body’s Worst Nightmare per this study:

Mono- and diglycerides: Simply put, these are fats. Some nutritionists are calling them “the next trans fats.”

That was a wakeup call so moving forward no more creamer. I will be drinking the coffee black with just sugar.

That brings us to the last variable (Sugar). I use two types but found out when reading the article I linked below that there is no big difference so I will simply reduce sugar usage to just my brown sugar from home since I know how much I’m adding when using packets.

There you have it… thinking is better. I am now saving money, drinking healthier and have a more informed perspective on future discussions. Be inspired to think more about everything in your life.

Update (2018): I stopped drinking coffee black at the beginning of the year (2018). I had about 5 days of headaches and body pains. Now I only drink tea. 100% Coffee free now.

Update (2019): Still not drinking coffee and now I don’t put sugar in my tea :D. Sleeping much better also.

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  1. I admire your gift of mapping out the details! I guess you are what my spouse speaks of as a convergent thinker. I think you might be getting enormous pleasure from this activity & it’s entertainment for you. I think I am probably opposite of you in that regard: a divergent thinker. Opposite but not opposed to you or your ways! Coffee is something I have loved & wanted since I was 10. I have gone through many stages of obsessional drinking. Swtchiing it up. Drinking espresso. Partaking it in a favorite cafe daily for a time. Spending lots of cash to get a delicious blend occasionally. I’ve owned many coffee makers & learned ways to make it taste just right. At 66 I have a small cup of instant folgers 1 1/2 tsp. with a tsp. of Splenda & dollop of 1/2 & 1/2 or evaporated milk. We go through a jar ($10) about every month. $120/ year hey! I’m not so enthusiastic about coffee the way I once was. I notice if I don’t get my hit in the morning I get headaches. I’m thankful for that one rather humble cup! It gets my lazy sleepy brain to come on line! It’s a good life!

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    • I’m a Polymath Philosopher
      A polymath: is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

      The philosopher: is a person who is not wise, but possesses the self-awareness of lacking wisdom, and thus pursues it.

      I love coffee, I now drink about two cups a day on average. I do these deep dives as a mental exercise and when they produce positive results I gravitate towards them. I had no idea when I started how bad the creamer was, now I use almond milk with raw sugar.

      I would love to give it up completely but like you, if I don’t drink at least 1 or 2 cups I get headaches.

      Maybe I’ll look into the headache thing. O.o

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  2. I consider myself to be an autodidact. Here is a short list of My areas of Interest including English and American literature, poetry, psychology, art and crafts, history, Victorian architecture, World Travel, biographies (I started out in my early teens beginning to love biographies with reading about the life of Mark Twain) World War II, Holocaust survival stories, antiques, blogging, old movies especially English movies from 1935 to 1955. What is the difference between an autodidact and a polymath? Just now did a little study on Wikipedia. I found a list of what they are calling notable autodidacts. It seems there’s a lot of crossover between the two categories autodidact / polymath. I often try to solve problems connecting the dots using Parables and metaphors. I consider myself a big picture person. I observe, I Witness. Sometimes I find myself in a position to do something good. as I’m getting older I find that it’s better to be kind rather than clever per the advice of rabbi Abraham heschel. I sometimes have an opportunity to direct the traffic. Just lately I have found myself longing to be in the world without past baggage every second!! I have flashbacks from bad things that have happened to me and that I’ve done. I used to have no peace. Lately I’ve been able to sleep good at night. I think I have found some tools that have helped me to live in the now. I find myself appreciating watching the dust Motes more and more!

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  3. I’ll pass. Too violent. thanks anyway.


    • That title was misleading. I changed it to “Proof That The Future is Written In The Past”, this is really what it’s about but no pressure to read it there are plenty of other topics just waiting to be discovered out there, have fun.

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  4. I use Splenda Naturals as my “sugar” substitute, so much so, that I even take some to work for the crap they call coffee (we also use a Keurig at home).
    I’m going to forward this blog message to my wife (she doesn’t use WordPress)… she sure loves her coffeemate.

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  5. Good decisions. Coffee is very addictive, along with the fact it is not really healthy. When I used to suggest to addicts of any kind they were best off to quit coffee along with street drugs, pain killers, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and whatever else addictive was happening in their lives, I often expected to die right there. Some counsellors recommended quitting addictive substances and actions one at a time, thinking it causes less stress. My belief, from experience, was all or none. To maintain one addiction, or three, while trying to stop another sets a person up for failure. Of course, everyone is different, and for some it does work, but addiction is about addiction, not so much about the substance or action. Then I throw coffee into the mix, and most people refuse to admit a coffee addiction. Until I ask them the difference between coffee mornings and no-coffee mornings. If they aren’t the same, a person is going through withdrawals. Then they would go home and experiment. Next time I saw them, if there was a next time, they would come in with looks of wonder on their faces. “How did you know?” most of them would ask. My answer would be some form of, “Because I study addicts and their addictions.” Some it helped, others it took longer…

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