In America, I live in two worlds.

The first world is what I like to call the political world. A world where we pretend that talking points are real. A world based on lies that are repeated every 60 minutes in the news media. The sheep choose a news source like FOX or CNN. Then we argue with each other over what they say is important.

Things like the following:

  • Political Parties
  • Religion
  • Rich People
  • Social Media
  • Corporate Owned News
  • Hurt Feelings

The second world is where I live. It’s what I like to call the real world. A world that you can’t escape and it’s always demanding something from you. A world that is never talked about on TV. We pretend that the real world doesn’t exist while it eats people alive.

Meanwhile back on Earth:

  • Huge Job Losses to Machines
  • Poisonous Food
  • Debt with no end
  • Out of Control Medical Cost
  • Unending War
  • Millions of People Disappearing
  • Child Abuse on all Fronts

Two rich and powerful parties with no time to visit the problems of the real world. Why do we allow it?

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  1. Good comments, Lander. Why do you allow it? Because they do not give you any choice. The system is set up to preserve the system. As an outsider looking in, I see all kinds of people hating the system, but yet trusting the system to somehow correct itself. They play the voting game, thinking their vote matters. In the microsystem it might, you get to vote for who you think is the lesser of two evils. In the macrocosm it matters not one whit, you are still voting for evil. The worst part is, the system is set up to self-perpetuate. It only takes 1 vote to decide an election. No one else needs to cast a glass stone. Yet the system makes you think your vote matters, yours might be the one to decide who wins and who loses. As long as one vote is cast, you lose.
    The only way to overcome the system is to overthrow it. And until you collectively figure that out, nothing will change except the party in charge.

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  2. Millions of people missing…are you referring specifically to human trafficking or something else?

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  3. Dude, Lander. We need to Pod Bruh!!!!


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