10 Short Films I Found Interesting (#6) “Lights Out”

I know TV and Cable dominate the market, but have you seen some of the great short films made by the little guy? Maybe a taste will get you interested.

If you get time, try this one: It’s a story about sleeping with the lights on.

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  1. There no link on my end.


  2. That’s pretty dam good and five minutes to boot. Thanks buddy

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  3. I’ve only watched the first 37 seconds and don’t want to watch anymore. What I saw was enough to creep me out – too similar to some nightmares of mine. Is it a horror short film? Is the shadow a spirit? Does it turn out to be something else?

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  4. OK, that was scary – particularly the ending. What’s scarier is that people have even worse experiences!

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      • I remember reading some in a book, I think it was “the Monster Book” by Nick Redfern. One kid claimed to be assailed by a horrid old lady in his room every night. The parents slept with him… and saw the woman appear in the room and go for their son! When they confronted it, it disappeared. Others have reported bipedal wolves, etc. My Mum, when she was little, saw a bipedal fox walk out of her closet and head right for her! She hid under the cover and called for my Grandma, who came & didn’t believe her.
        One guy got up in the middle of the night (this was in “The Monster Book”, I think) to go the bathroom. As he came book, there was a huge werewolf (i.e. humanoid wolf) standing in front of the doorway growling at him (recall that he definitely wasn’t asleep – he’d gotten up and was heading BACK to bed). The guy grabbed his baseball bat (standing close by)… and the thing disappeared.


  5. I saw this film a few years ago and have NEVER forgotten it.

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