Between 1945–1947, 820 poor pregnant Caucasian women were given radioactive iron at Vanderbilt University.

It was funded by the U.S. Public Health Service, the Washington-based Nutrition Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Monsanto.

The researchers worked with the Tennessee State Department of Health and did not inform the women that they were part of an experiment.

The radiation portion of the experiment was designed to study the absorption of iron during pregnancy under the direction of Dr. Paul Hahn.

A number of malignancies were found among the exposed offspring and four cases of cancer.

The state Health Department agreed to pay $100,000 to the women who were fed radioactive iron but denied wrongdoing in partially sponsoring the study.

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  1. If anybody out there doesn’t already know this is on-going military/scientific research basically world wide, they must be pretty naive. The Nazis got exposed because they lost a war, but they quickly got back in business once they entered Operation Paperclip…

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  2. Crimes in the name of science ………

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  3. Can science save us from themselves?

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    • The pattern I’m seeing is what happens when people have isolated, unmonitored power and access to the poor, (especially women and children). It would seem that if people can have access to human resources that are degraded, uneducated and without a public voice, then they will abuse them.

      My articles find the largest abusers are corporations, governments, the military and religions. This is of course if they go unchecked.

      Science is not an entity and thus cannot be blamed for what mankind does with it. But to answer your question: No science cannot save us from this. I believe the problem is that we have human monsters walking among us. And until they change, or we stop them, this will continue.

      Some people are simply what some would call evil or others would call bad code. That’s the thing I think we are up against Jim. Me and you are right next to each other on a fence, seemingly divided (but not really) while behind us both walking around on our green grass, are people who have no compassion for others waiting to take advantage of any situation that presents itself.

      Just my opinion

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  4. I’m so glad you’re bringing these diabolical stories into the light

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  5. Sick! I hope they rot.

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  6. Anna von Reitz
    Restoring Lawful Government
    If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.
    Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. Educate Yourself –

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