Thoughts In The Back Of My Mind (#7) Truth, Belief, And Time

So many people want me to understand the truth. They either want me to believe in something or believe against it. So many sides seeking my attention, but after spending so much time listening to them and trying to understand who is right or wrong, I came to a few conclusions along the way.

  • I’m more interested in what people have to hide than in what they have to show.
  • I’m more curious about what people don’t want to talk about rather than what they came to say.
  • I find a person is exactly who they act like and nothing like who they say they are.
  • I see truth to be relative to direct experience and provable affect in our consciousness and effect on our environment.
  • I know I can be wrong and that others can be right, but I’m not convinced they have the same understanding, nor do I believe they need to.
  • I know the only thing that matters are the people we love and the satisfaction we get from what we spend our time doing.
  • I have seen the extraordinary and can tell you it’s a personal experience well worth having but a waste of time explaining.

But the most important lesson I’ve learned is not to waste time doing something that doesn’t satisfy you. By all means, waste time doing what brings you satisfaction but don’t waste a second on a bad movie, boring conversation, or repeated arguments over the mundane.

I say this because time is not on your side, so don’t waste it.

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  1. Alex Sutton’s quote is thought-provoking for sure.
    Good to see that someone isn’t easily influenced by what people say.

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  2. Keep On Keepin On!!

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  3. That is wonderful thinking. Staying in the now is so tough to do. I need constant reminders from myself just to pay attention.

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  4. I want to thank you for this one. What a fantastic reminder of what is important and where we focus our attention. Sam really nails this one with precision.

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