The Fiat’s Lingotto factory, (completed in 1923), has a fully functional race track on the roof with a helicopter landing pad and control tower.

The Lingotto factory was under construction while World War I was still raging in 1916. 7 years later, in 1923, it was completed.

The five-story building features a simple loop rooftop test track with two banked turns that consume a 1620 foot x 280-foot portion of rooftop.

What would start on the ground floor as raw materials and individual parts became a running driving Fiat by the time it built its way to the roof of the building.

The Lingotto test track was briefly featured in the movie “The Italian Job”. During the famous escape sequence, the red white and blue Mini’s go 3 wide on the banked rooftop race course with police in hot pursuit.

The factory now features a shopping center, theatre, convention center, and motel.

The banked sections are very tight making high-speed testing unsafe.

The Lingotto Factory produced 80 different models of automobiles at about 200 a day.

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  1. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a Fiat!!

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  2. That’s amazing! Never heard of “The Italian Job”. Would be a fascinating place to visit.

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