Meat Is Being Grown In A Lab To Replace The Meat You Eat On The Dinner Table — For Now, You Still Have An Option Not To Eat It

Scientists have created a method to grow meat in laboratories. Once the cost of production is reduced it will be ready for market.

Cultured meat is real meat from a live animal (cow) produced by the cultivation of the animal’s tissue cells in a lab environment.

  • No more slaughtered animals
  • Freed up land space
  • Reduced crop usage
  • Reduced greenhouse gases
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption

The final name may be “Clean Meat” but it also goes by the following:

  • Vitro Meat
  • Vat-grown Meat
  • Lab-grown Meat
  • Cell-based Meat
  • Synthetic Meat
  • Cultured Meat

Here is where we are:

  • Mosa Meat was able to significantly lower the costs of production.
  • Memphis Meats launched a video in February 2016 showcasing its cultured beef meatball. In March 2017, they showcased chicken tenders and duck a l’orange.
  • SuperMeat ran a viral crowdfunding campaign in 2016 for its work on cultured chicken.
  • Finless Foods aimed at cultured fish in 2017 and commenced laboratory operations quickly.
  • In March 2018, JUST, Inc. claimed to be able to present a consumer product from cultured meat by the end of 2018.
  • Meatable reported in September 2018 that it had succeeded in growing meat using pluripotent stem cells from animals’ umbilical cords.

There are over 30 cultured meat startups across the world. This is going to happen.

Will you eat meat grown in a Lab?

At some point in the future will you still have a choice?

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  1. I didn’t want to click the like button, but there’s no other option. I’m not sure what to think of this. It seems – wrong somehow.

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  2. I wont be eating no man made meat. I don’t believe real animal meat will ever be gone. If there is no animal meat then that means there are no animals which means all of us will be extinct.

    If animals are extinct, what will the purpose be to live?

    The honey bee is a perfect example of what happens when something starts to disappear

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  3. Ahhh… “Life will find a way”

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  4. I’m already pescetarian, so it’s unlikely I’ll be eating meat of any kind, be it man-made or natural. But for those that do, I don’t particularly see this as being any better or worse than all the other processed and artificial foods already available on the market.

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  5. Might work out ok at first, but I have my doubts about this. Companies always cut corners in the end. Reminds me of when Subway’s chicken was exposed to be only 50% chicken, and the other 50% was soy if I remember correctly.

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  6. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. How do we know it’s safe? What would they put in it? I know the animal rights movement would love this. I personally would just eat the slaughtered animal.

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  7. No thanks. I’ll take a slaughtered animal.

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