See The Difference In The Power Level Of The Olympic Athletes From Over 50 Years Ago To Now Side By Side

Gymnastics Then & Now 1950s vs 2016

Olympic Sports Then & Now


Diving Then vs Now

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  1. I did a post about part of this a while back. In a hundred years, the 100m sprint record is separated by one second. Donald Lippincot was the record holder. I thought with all the training and diet, facilities and whatnot, that was pretty amazing. And Lippincot was a screw off.

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  2. It’s not hard running in a straight line, but fear AND a bit of crazy will push the limits of what people will do.

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  3. Gymnasts now are definitely more agile and more fit. Back then they didn’t seem to be doing much. Now, though, that’s another matter.

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  4. I’ve always had an interest in gymnastics, but now watching the comparison between the two, I’m suddenly less sure about trying it out.

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  5. Interesting post. Off hand, I would attribute the improvements to better nutrition, better coaching, better training facilities and more personal time to pursue athletic interests at a professional level.

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