Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes Booth) saves the son of
Abraham Lincoln (Robert Todd Lincoln)

  • Edwin Booth saved Robert Todd Lincoln from being hit by a train without knowing who he was. Robert Todd Lincoln was in Jersey City and almost fell off the train platform when Edwin Booth reached out and grabbed him, saving his life.

Abraham Lincoln creates the Secret Service

  • Abraham Lincoln established the Secret Service on April 14, 1865. But they are not assigned to protect the president.

John Wilkes Booth then assassinates Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865, (same day secret service was created), while attending the play Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Robert Lincoln then later witnesses President Garfield get assassinated

  • He was present and a witness at the assassination of U.S. President Garfield in 1881, at the time serving as the Secretary of War.

Robert Lincoln then later witnesses President McKinley get assassinated

  • He was present when President McKinley was shot in 1901. 

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  1. Odd coincidences, hey or is there any such thing as a coincident?

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  2. Interesting. I had a remarkable coincidence happen to me. When I was 14 I spent a few weeks in Mississippi visiting family. I met a girl and was just crazy about her. I left and we wrote each other letters for about a year. When I was 17 I was driving home from my after school job and I picked up a hitchhiker—here in Washington state. We started talking and I asked him where he was from. “Mississippi” he says. “Oh I know a girl in Vicksburg” I say. He tells me he’s from Vicksburg and asks me her name. When I told him his jaw went wide open. “That’s my sister!” I took him to my house and kept him overnight. We called Kim and spoke a while. I gave him another ride the next day to the bus. I lived way out of town in the country. 3000miles and 3 years apart. Quite a coincidence he was there that night, and even stranger that I picked him up. It was the seventies though.

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    • That is crazy! It’s amazing when probability takes a nosedive. It’s incredible the number of things that have to line up for something like that to happen.

      Stuff like that happens to me also, so much so that I started researching it. I wrote an article about it. You might like it. It has some trippy stuff.


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      • I’ll check it out. I had another similar thing happen. I was winter backpacking/snowshoeing cross country in a place I had never been. I actually freaked a little when I saw another person. It was a kid that used to be in my troop from about 15 years prior. He was a fat kid back in the day, always hated hiking…and there he was. We had a nice chat and off he went. Pretty cool.

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        • Man that’s insane!

          I had one once where I went to a friends wedding in louisiana. We go 2 hours out of our way to a house in a swamp to meet one of the older relatives of the wife who doesn’t go out anywhere.

          We are walking up to the only house for miles and someone on the porch called out my name.

          It ended up being someone from my Navy days (years ago) who was on my Aircraft Carrier. He was just in the area driving through and stopped to visit another person at the house that day.

          These things happen.

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