U.S. Citizens In Some Cities Who Attempt To File Complaints Against Police Are Being Interrogated, Assaulted, And Arrested — Watch As They Are Secretly Filmed Doing It

In many cities across America a person who attempts to file a complaint against the police will face the following:

  • Unknown Charges
  • Guns Pointed At Them
  • Excessive Force
  • Discouraged From Filing Complaints
  • Interrogate Them
  • Arrest Them
  • No Response

Police deny any of that happens and that people are paranoid or liers.

Groups have started forming to secretly film police and what has been recorded is shocking.

Where this gets dangerous:

John Lang from Fresno, California claimed that police were running a scam on the local community.

He also discovered the Fresno Bee was sharing chat log data with Fresno Law Enforcement of Fresno citizens who were critical of local Fresno Government and Fresno Law Enforcement. Lang regularly posted evidence of corruption on Fresno’s local news site ‘Fresnobee’. This is when all the trouble began. Lang, had his house rigged up with CCTV cameras and what they captured is astonishing.

Just days after making some complaints, Lang ends up dead, stabbed multiple times, and his house was burnt to the ground.

The police say they have no suspects right now and that he was just another paranoid guy.

What do you think?

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  1. Protesting or (as in this case) “complaining”, WILL get a person noticed.

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  2. Gotta kiss the ring and never speak out against the crown

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  3. Coming from an LE family, this is horrific. The people going into LE these days don’t have the ‘Serve & Protect’ attitude.

    There are far too many psychopaths getting hired. They are becoming extensions of the feds & military.

    The retired community are not happy.

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