The University of Rochester injected 31 healthy patients with individual doses of radioactive plutonium, uranium, polonium, americium or zirconium.

Scientists choose healthy hospital patients, including an 18-year-old boy, to be experimented on. The goal was to see what type or amount of exposure would cause damage to normal people in a nuclear war, how sick they would become, and how they died.

“The individuals chosen as subjects were a miscellaneous group of male and female hospital patients for the most part with well-established diagnoses,” said one document written in 1950 by Dr. Samuel Bassett, who carried out some injection experiments.

The patients in the experiments, carried out from 1945 to 1947, were never told they were being experimented on, according to reports Dr. Patricia Durbin wrote for the Atomic Energy Commission in 1971 after interviewing Dr. Langham and others who conducted the experiment.

They were simply sent home and lied to as they became ill from the radiation.

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  1. And somehow doctors and scientists are looked up to. Never mind the Nazi space program (NASA)

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    • You stated — And somehow doctors and scientists are looked up to.

      My response — It’s a strange societal condition where people are ultra willing to trust, respect and follow individuals with titles.

      Scientist, preacher, doctor, politician, parent, officer, etc

      I choose to not trust people, instead I like to challenge, monitor and keep oversight on those who hold the lives of others in their hands.

      Just a thought

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  2. I feel sick whenever I come across anything like this!

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  3. And, THAT was an MKULTRA sub-project covered in that documentary.

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  4. To the global elite we are all just pawns.
    Never really surprises me to read things like this anymore.

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  5. … and sheeple will read this thinking “that was then, they wouldn’t do that now”
    And so it continues

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  6. Sick! What happened to the patients that were experimented on? Did they die?

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