You Can Connect Your Car To Your Phone And Monitor It, Track It, And See Or Clear Any Engine Lights In Real Time

You can now purchase for around $100 a device that will continuously scan your car for information that can help you save money.

These new devices capture your cars sensor data using your vehicles onboard diagnostic port (OBD II).

This is available on cars built from 1996 on.

These devices turn vehicle information into a resource to help you easily understand a check-engine light, adjust insurance rates, and add emergency response services.

There are many available, I have linked one below for you to review but make sure to check Amazon for all available choices.

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  1. Ignorance is a choice? That seems like a pointed statement. What motivated you to include that Lander?

    I will say, the more devices and accessories that anyone has to “make their lives easier” also allows more entry points for nefarious entities.

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  2. I think I’m being watched…some more! I think I’ll pass and stick to driving my like new ‘76 Chevy 4×4 Short Box.

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  3. My Ken got me & his daughter FIXD. It uses bluetooth. Those things are only going to let you get so far. I have a buddy in Spring, TX, that is a Corvette connoisseur. Years ago, Corvette owners were hacking their cars’ computers to increase engine performance. When they blew their engines, they were taking them back to GM to have the warranty cover it. GM put a stop to that and made parts of the computer inaccessible…except by GM. That eventually went industry-wide. Third party readers & software are blocked to a degree.

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  4. Interesting. Could be helpful.

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