People Are Saying That a Famous Statue, “The Thinker” Has Changed — What Do You Remember?

The claim is that a well-known statue by Auguste Rodin called “The Thinker” which shows a man in deep contemplation has come into question due to the Mandela Effect.

Many people say that the statue has changed from its original pose to a new pose never before seen. Some people even say that this is the third time it’s happened.

“What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compressed lips, but with every muscle of his arms, back, and legs, with his CLENCHED fist and gripping toes.” — Auguste Rodin

Here are the three possibilities that people claim they remember but which one do you think is the correct pose?

Maybe this will help: George Bernard Shaw used to model for Auguste Rodin and posed for this famous photo the night of the unveiling of The Thinker.

1906 Carbon print on platinotype

Where this gets strange: There are many books written that include descriptions of this famous statue but they no longer agree with each other. From our perspective, a plethora of books have been published with the wrong description of this statue and it went undetected until JAN 2019. It’s as though we all suddenly became aware of the mistakes at the same time but not for all the years those books were in circulation.

Poems have been written that reference this statue in a descriptive manner that no longer make any sense since the statue doesn’t fit the description.

The statue has been reproduced in movies but doesn’t match the statue currently on display in the museum. Like for example in the famous movie “Night At The Museum”.

Even stranger: People in photos imitating the statue don’t match the statue. It would seem they either can’t see the statue correctly or refuse to pose in the same manner.

Far stranger still: Products for sale online have descriptions that don’t match the statue being displayed in the sales window.

Product Description
The Thinker Sculpture by Auguste Rodin is one of the most famous pieces of art in the last two hundred years. It is easily Rodin’s most celebrated piece. This is a fine copy of the thinking man in his famed hunched pose with his fist on his forehead. Many wonder if he is contemplating or grieving. Regardless, you need this replica if you admire Rodin’s work.

Clearly, this goes beyond a memory issue.

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  1. Interesting, I never knew that. My first inclination would be the numerous fakes out there. They might all be different.

    I wonder if these people have a hard time imitating because they are lacking a stool.

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  2. Possibly but that still doesn’t explain the guy who posed for it the day it was released no longer matching

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  3. Very interesting, makes you wonder how this happens.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned its that there are no such thing as coincidences.
    How many examples of the Mandela Effect need to arise for people to consider it a real possibility?

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  4. Interesting. I believe in synchronicities and nothing is a coincidence as far as I’m concerned. My question would be, what is the point to all of this?

    Time travel to the past is possible but, it takes a HUGE amount of energy to do it. And, again…why?

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  5. Aren’t the statues with different poses just copies with slight alterations made? Weird about the site and interesting.

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  6. This is a real Marmer sculpture from +/- 1880 which look like the thinker from Rodin. Height 47 CM.!Ata6esVwrzcZhIJuspUZYhrGJLYd3A
    which is not singed.

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  7. I am very interested in the Mandela effect in general. I am a little confused as you have shown the trailer for Night at the Musuem 2 where the Thinker clearly looks (to me at least) like the statues as they appear today. Did the Thinker have his fist on his forehead when you posted the clip? Maybe this is another example of the Mandela effect taking place once again.

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    • No, I was showing him as an example where his hand was under his chin. It’s one of the three remembered positions. It’s also the only position I’ve ever known personally, so for me the movie is accurate.


    • Yes. I noticed the statue in that film sequence was like the ‘latest version.’ I would say that change is another symptom of the Mandela effect. it seems to be changing things all the time


  8. This might explain it

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    • Possibly, but as he said in the video, every possible reality is happening at the same time… thus the explanation he gave is logically (via his perspective) directly opposed by an alternate explanation being given by him in another reality. Is this version of him wrong to us or one of the others?

      His explanation may have the ability to cover all bases but it also excludes them.

      In short he has an 8000 foot view but no direct cause and effect answer.

      It could be stated this way:

      He may say this:
      The statue changes because reality changes in relation to conscious thought.

      But we still don’t know this:
      What was the catalyst for the statue change? How can we control the change at will?
      How can we track when change occurs?

      So, right or wrong, he lacks focused logistics of the process used for the changes.


  9. I saw this as a mandala effect and it blew me away, because it’s always been on his chin, always……
    But then about a month later I brought it up at a gathering and when she googled the statue, they all came up under chin, then as we scrolled we saw the mandala effect example…
    I’m really on the fence with the truth! Meaning, I think it coulda been a mandala thing, then somehow switched back???
    Godspeed friends

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    • This is one of a few Mandela Effects where the reality of what we remember has changed 3 times. There was also a “Change Back” event.

      Very Strange!!

      What gets me is that people taking photo’s posing in front of the statue no longer match the statue right next to them in the same photo. For me that is actual proof this is more than a memory issue and that we are dealing with an unknown phenomenon within reality that exceeds our current knowledge base.


  10. You have a most interesting blog! 😉 Thank you for visiting and following my blog, Eugi’s Causerie.

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  11. How wonderfully bizarre. Thank you for your intriguing subject. I look forward to more. (Aren’t we just the most amazing creatures?!)

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  12. Hi!
    When did we start using the term “Mandela Effect”?
    Before or after CERN started messing around with atoms and creating tiny black holes……?

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  13. Yeah….that’s what we thought too. Coincidence? Hmm.
    THAT could explain a lot…

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  14. I have a couple of theories.

    I am 60 and I distinctly recall seeing The Thinker, with his clenched fist, to his forehead, feet together, just as George Bernard Shaw, is posed, in the photo.

    We create our reality and collectively we agree on fundamental things in this reality.
    1. Enough people have “recalled” the statue differently, to have changed the actual mass of the statue.
    2. We are being f’ed with, by some “others”, who want us to question our realities.

    The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears, is another example.

    I was a teacher, in 2005. My students, asked me how to pronounce “Berenstein”…is it pronounced “steen” or “stine” or “stain” they asked. There would have been no confusion, if it were always Berenstain.

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    • You Stated — “We create our reality and collectively we agree on fundamental things in this reality.”

      My Response — Do we agree on millions of children suffering around the world?

      If not then reality may be more complicated than we think.

      What if things have always been changing but we didn’t know because we didn’t have this much recorded information?

      What if the fact that generations die helps to cover up change? With no one there to tell you it changed… How would you ever knbow?


      • “… Do we agree on millions of children suffering around the world?

        If not then reality may be more complicated than we think.”

        Certainly we do not agree on millions of children suffering, but it hasn’t been known until the last few decades. And now, the proof, is in our faces, because we have the internet, with eyes on all of it.

        By fundamental agreement, I mostly meant our physical universe, ie plant and animal kingdom, geography, oceans and land masses etc. some of us share experiences of books and art… which is where this change in reality has occurred.

        You are spot on, regarding changes may have happened without our knowing. Why would we, if those things are not part of our own experience of reality?

        I think a shift in consciousness is definitely occurring. Possibly, we will be more relaxed about reality and not need everything to stay the same. An incredible lightness of being…🤩

        Imagine how you want your universe to be, creator.
        1. No suffering children. ☑️


        • If we don’t want children to suffer and they still do the next day then we don’t shape reality.

          Yet, reality is clearly changing and on a scale that surpasses reason.

          So, we know something is happening but the how is beyond our limit.

          Not just beyond our limit but far beyond any reasonable limit we can hold it to.

          It’s not time travel, it’s not our minds, it’s not even magic. It’s something so far outside the box that I think we would have to develop the ability to think of something we can’t imagine.

          Now that’s a hard thing to do.

          You Stated — “I think a shift in consciousness is definitely occurring.”

          My Response — I agree BUT the shift in our consciousness doesn’t seem to be causing the change… it seems to be resisting it’s ability to hide from us.

          We seem to be upgrading our capability to detect the undetectable.

          Think of it this way… it’s so difficult a task for the human mind to accomplish that over half of the population can’t detect it at all.

          It’s like we are waking up… slowly as a species

          Just a thought


  15. re ” People in photos imitating the statue don’t match the statue. It would seem they either can’t see the statue correctly or refuse to pose in the same manner.”
    She would have to sit on an ‘imagined stone’ in order to ‘pose correctly’.
    And this is a clue to the Mandela effect in many instances – we see what’s in our ‘mind’s eye’ rather than 3D ‘reality’.

    There’s also the word “Ford ” which was different in the advertising ‘at times’ , especially for trucks ( Ford Tuff ) from the insignia used on actual vehicles.
    I actually own a 94 Crown Vic and was startled by this ‘effect’ ( along with the original ‘Mandela effect’).In advertising the word “FORD” is blasted
    in bold ‘printed script’ without the little ‘dootllee’ of ‘hand-written script’.And I’m sure (?) there are Ford trucks with regular lettered FORD insignias .

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    • It begs the question, which should be trusted… the minds eye or the physical reality?


      • re ““It begs the question, which should be trusted… the minds eye or the physical reality?”
        It’s not an “either /or “ problem.
        Like the King of Siam who has a different ‘reality’ from me on many levels,why should he believe me when I tell him he’s going to need a warm coat and pants when he visits my town and the water in the river gets so cold it freezes and even an elephant can walk on it.That’s right, water turns solid !


  16. Fascinating like a game of Chinese whispers or not but it has also invited some interesting comments ..Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

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