Baptisms That Cross A Line

Keep an eye on the parents reactions also.

Priest Slaps Crying Baby

Double Reverse Baby Dunking

Triple Play Super Fast Baby Dunking

Baptism Gone Arone

Mass Baptism

Looks A Bit Dangerous The Way They Flop Around Wet

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  1. This is child abuse. Baptism before 18 should be illegal. A contract of membership in anything else in the world is forbidden. Signing people up for a life of religious brainwashing is immoral.

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  2. Another reason I don’t do religion.

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  3. That is so wrong. That is child abuse. You shouldn’t baptise a child that way (head first, repeatedly) as it is traumatic for the baby. I don’t think children should be baptised unless they want to be, unless they make the choice themselves to be baptised and serve Yah/God.

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  4. That’s a bit off. Especially the last one.

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