Blood IV Sites Are Becoming A Reality For Pleasure And Fast Remedy Seekers

IV lounges are becoming a thing. People are using them to recover from hangovers, jet lag, to get high or a vitamin boost.

The IV lounge craze has been spurred on by celebrities who embrace IV treatment casually. Prices range from roughly $80 to $875 and are generally unregulated. 

IV lounges respond quickly to whatever is happening in the public moment. For instance, many lounges offer drips containing “immunity-boosting” vitamins to fight flu during a severe influenza season.

But are all centers run by operators who are conscientious of true customer safety?

  • Improperly inserted IVs can create a stroke-causing air embolism
  • The infusion rate can potentially cause swelling of the brain
  • Possible heart failure or kidney damage if done incorrectly
  • IVs contain a lot of salt, which could have a negative effect on people with high blood pressure.
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  1. Like smart phones and tablets. We want to be plugged into everything!!!

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  2. Most IVs are hypotonic 0.9% normal saline matches the ph already in your body. Hypertonic solutions however, can increase blood pressure but are rarely used. The other most common is D5w which is dextrose 5%(sugar) and water.
    As far as air embolism and IVs? It basically takes a lot of air to cause any problems. Pretty much a willful act with a syringe, but typically any air you get in and IV is pretty benign and will process out in the lungs. After 20 years in a busy system I’ve never seen it.

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    • I agree. The issue I might have (but not yet) is the quality of the people serving you.

      If they are using highly distracted teens like they do in fast food then “No Thank You”

      I would want to see certified nurses or something like that. I would also wait about a year for the first round of lab rats to report back on yelp.

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