In order to be a politician, you must first run for office

To run for office, you need a large amount of MONEY.

If you are RICH, then you have the MONEY needed to run. If you are not RICH, then you will need to owe someone who is. Either way, you will not follow our needs but rather those of the RICH.

This is the first betrayal because you are best represented by someone who understands what it’s like to run out of MONEY before payday while still working 40 plus hours a week.

But where do the rich get MONEY from?

That’s easy, they get it from the middle class. The 9 to 5 workers who provide two services needed to maintain the rich.

  1. Produce or facilitate the distribution of goods and services.
  2. Purchase said goods or services.

This is the second betrayal because you are the source of MONEY that the RICH use to create and control politicians. 

What do the RICH want?

They want a world that sustains them and their lifestyle. So everything they do is designed to do just that. Think about it, they need more workers and buyers, not more neighbors.

What do the RICH own?

  • The Media (TV, News, Movies) — To keep you divided
  • The Banks (Credit, Mortgage, Car) — To control your freedom
  • The Government (Local, State, Federal) — To control your laws
  • The Corporations (Jobs, Stores, Services) — To control your resources
  • Your Healthcare (Hospitals, Medicine, Insurance) — To control your body
  • Your Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas) — To control your security

What does the middle class own? 

  • Work
  • Debt
  • Taxes

This is what I call the Great betrayal because you are here to maintain the lifestyle of people who don’t want to see, hear or even speak your name.

They know something you don’t know “How To Unite”.  They unite to ensure they are far away from you and they never let their differences interfere with their lifestyle. 

The middle class, on the other hand, stay divided allowing their lifestyle to suffer while they bicker over nonsensical matters. Rather than unite, they take on empty political labels designed by think tanks and distributed by corporate news agencies.

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  1. $amen$ The division is the key. How do we make division a winning strategy for the middle class? That would the ticket since it’s not going anywhere.

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  2. The same way it’s always been is the same way it will remain. The sooner anyone figures that out, the easier life becomes.

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  3. The picture at the end is very true (as is the article).

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