A Company Now Exists To Find Your Doppelganger

With the growth of the internet people are starting to see themselves online with different names, living in other cities, countries and sometimes just on the other side of town. We know DNA has a fondness for certain features and reuses them often when forming looks on new humans but meeting someone with your face is still a shock.

People are so convinced that they have met their twin that they run DNA tests to uncover secret siblings from parents. So far science has found that nature is just reusing code and your parents have been faithful, so relax.

Is it DNA, a glitch, infidelity, a mad scientist or something even higher?

Regardless of what is causing this phenomenon, one woman is now making a career out of finding your double so you can meet them. In some cases you may have more than one.

Twin Strangers Website

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  1. I have my doubts that we thoroughly understand DNA yet. Hubris seems to be at the helm in this matter more than science.

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  2. Facial recognition software is what they are using to find the matches not DNA.

    DNA is ran later but hasn’t found any family connections with the doppelgängers.

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  3. I remember my mother telling me that some relatives thought they saw her in one place, but she had not been there at all that day, so we think she has a doppelganger.

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