The Longyou Grottoes (24 or more)
Covering 30,000 square meters
Located near the village of Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang province, China.
Discovered in 1992 by a local villager
Possibly 2000 plus years old



Carved into solid siltstone, each grotto descends around 30 meters underground and contains stone rooms, bridges, gutters, and pools. The quantity of rock that would have been removed in the overall excavation of the grottoes is estimated to be nearly 1,000,000 cubic meters.



An extensive and rare ancient underground world considered in China as ‘the ninth wonder of the ancient world’. One of the largest underground excavations of ancient times.


Scientists from around the world in the fields of archaeology, architecture, engineering, and geology have absolutely no idea how they were built, by whom, and why.



Where this gets strange:

  • No traces of construction or mention in any historical records.
  • Excavation involved almost a million cubic meters of stone but there is no evidence of where it went.
  • The caves have 100%  structural integrity with zero damage over time.
  • No evidence of any lamps or soot from torches in what would have been pitch black caves.
  • They were not connected to each other.
  • Marks on the walls resemble modern-day high-tech machine dig marks.








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  1. There are STILL many mysteries of this world, AND the history that goes with it.

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  2. Excellent article, this is one of the many things in our world that I had heard nothing of before this article. I enjoyed the story and the pictures. Thank you for taking of your time to post them. I am going to reblog this article for you.

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  3. Yet more evidence – no, PROOF – of advanced ancient technology (the lack of soot/smoke marks being because of electric lighting). I highly recommend reading “Dead Men’s Secrets” by Jonathan Gray.

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