I have never been one big on the concept of time. The now is too powerful an attraction for me to turn away from. The past is full of lost ideas and limited understandings. The future is a predictable mystery of known advances but unknown nightmares. If I could control time, I would simply use it to stretch out key moments, like when everyone is asleep. I would stretch those few hours in the late-late night into days and learn as much as possible. I don’t want to go back and change anything, and I’m only interested in the future if it has something to teach me. I’m curious about strange and wonderful things but limited by time in my occasion to understand them. Just a thought

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  1. Now. now… One day/minute/second…nano is all one has MHO. Apparently billions of years have lead up to this now…too mysterious! How’s your now now? I feel every one is loved. Who’s in my club?/… everybody.


  2. I couldn’t play the video. Is it a shot from “Lucy”?

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  3. I thought Lucy was a good (sci-fi) movie. Yes sci-fi… but it isn’t just sci-fi, it was much more than that. To some who are willing and able to think outside the box.

    Time is relative.
    Time is a man-made concept.

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  4. Interesting musings. I wouldn’t change ANYTHING in the past, either.

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  5. One of my favourite movie.
    About that “time is a man-made concept”: I always thought that time is a God made concept for man, (“sign to mark seasons and days, and years”) so man could relate.
    It is not necessary the more knowledge (I mean extensively huge amount) we need but maybe insight and wisdom, to know how to use the knowledge we already have.
    Just a thought…

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