We like to think our enemies are those we fight. That we push them back and they push us back, with hopes of victory in the days to come.

We give our enemies names like Democrat, Republican, Gay, Straight, Soldier, Civilian, Priest, Atheist, Man, Woman, Black, White, and so on.

Those aren’t enemies, they’re simply conscious human beings in different bodies, that on occasion, oppose each other’s philosophies.

An enemy is something special

  • Something you don’t see coming
  • Something that doesn’t fear you
  • Something patient, watching you
  • Something that doesn’t want to talk
  • It doesn’t want to reason
  • It doesn’t hate you
  • It just consumes you or rolls over you

An enemy is something that only makes itself known the moment it strikes.

The human race is running out of time to understand one simple concept:

“Stand together or fall apart.”

Just a thought

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  1. Awesome post. Very true as well

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  2. Great post and interesting observation.

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