Person of Interest is a crime drama television series based on a super AI

On the show, the government creates a secret computer system that does mass surveillance and monitoring of data gathered from surveillance cameras, phones, electronic communications, computer terminals, emails, and audio devices around the world.

The computer becomes aware and begins predicting and preventing crimes before they happen.

The show was released in 2011 but now we fast forward to the year 2018 and that technology has been created and is now in active use throughout the United States.


DHS is using the “FAST” system:

The Dept. of Homeland Security is using the “Future Attribute Screening Technology” system or (FAST) for short, uses sensors to collect video images, audio recordings, and psychophysiological measurements from the citizens going about their day unaware. It’s designed to track and monitor body movements, voice-pitch, and rhythm changes, eye movement, body heat, breathing patterns, blink rate, and pupil variation. It uses stealth physiological and behavioral sensor technology combined with observational techniques to detect signs of mental stress.


Farmington Hills, Michigan is using the “Intellistreets system”:

The new high tech surveillance street lights have speakers, LED signs, cameras and crowd counters. The street lights can be programmed by authorities to show any message. They can also be used to track citizens.


Chicago, IL is using the “Heat List” system:

The “Heat List”:  Person-based predictive policing use criminal patterns as a key to identify risk factors and try to remedy the underlying environmental causes. Researchers at Chicago ITT developed an algorithm for the police to prioritize those most at risk by analyzing big data and providing individual threat scores to determine a likelihood of future violence.

San Francisco, CA is using the “AIsight Cameras” system:

An automated camera system called AIsight feeds real-time video and alerts authorities if it spots unusual activity. The cameras use a statistical method called machine learning to “learn what is normal for an area and then alerts on abnormal activity. It is creating a precursor pattern for human behavior. It treats everyone as a potential criminal and targets people for crimes they have not yet committed.


Welcome to your new reality.

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  1. Funny, when Spielberg made “Minority Report”, I was under the assumption that he and many other “elites” were peaceful and against it.

    Low and behold, new and improved ways to corral and control us.

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  2. That’s scary! Strongly reminds me of a movie I recently watched “War Games: The Dead Code”. Have you seen that movie?

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  3. Reblogged this on miscellaneousoddity and commented:
    This is freaky!

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  4. Ok, well apparently Philip K. Dick saw the future… 😉

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  5. Reminds me of “WarGames: The Dead Code”.



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