The 1974 film “Chinatown” starred Jack Nicholson.

One of the biggest reveals of the story is that Co-Star Dunaway’s character was raped by her father and gave birth to a daughter, and then the child was raised as her sister.

Here is where it gets strange for Jack Nicholson:

Shortly after Chinatown’s release, Time magazine discovered that Jack Nicholson’s parents were actually his grandparents, and the woman he thought was his older sister was actually his biological mother (not due to incest). At the time Nicholson didn’t know any of this and was notified by the person doing the research. Nicholson was born in 1937, a time when it was not socially acceptable for an unmarried 16-year-old teen to walk in public with a baby. So the family covered the whole thing up by claiming the baby belonged to the girl’s mother.

Here is where the movie gets even more perverted:

Spoiler Alert: …….. The movie ends with Dunaway killed and then the creepy child molester dad takes possession of his inbred offspring for an even more taboo level of incest.

The world is both strange and twisted

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  1. Truth is often stranger than fiction!

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  2. Don’t like the sounds of the movie – meaning the end of it. It is strange how he acted in a movie about that, and then discovered it had happened to him.
    Though, I actually have a cousin on my father’s side who had an out-of-wedlock child, so the child was raised as her sister and believed her actual grandparents were her parents.

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  3. I’ve heard similar stories.

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