Remember That Film Of The JFK Assassination That Showed A Second Shooter

Orville Orhel Nix also filmed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. His filming of the shooting is considered to be just as important as the film by Abraham Zapruder but for some reason, most people don’t know about it.

What makes Nix’s film so special is that it was shot from the opposite side of the president’s motorcade to Zapruder’s (if you enhance the images, you can actually see Zapruder in it). Thus, it captures the famous “grassy knoll”.

He made copies and released the original to the FBI. United Press International (UPI) purchased the copyright for $5,000 and took possession of the original version of Nix’s film on December 6, 1963. Reese Schonfeld, a UPI executive and later the founding president of CNN, stewarded the film for UPI. In 2002, the Nix family assigned the film’s copyright to the Dallas County Historical Foundation, which operates the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

He told Lane that at the time of the assassination, he believed that the shots had come from behind the stockade fence on the grassy knoll.

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  1. This farce has been happening since FDR, the father of the CIA!

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  2. Actually, speaking of two shooters reminds me of a sci-fi novel “Time Riders” where some of the characters travel back in time to JFK’s assassination where it is shown that there were two shooters when they stop Oswald from shooting JFK, but JFK is shot by a second shooter.

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  3. Very interesting because a 2nd shooter equates into a conspiracy. When a government lies to its own people it’s no laughing matter.

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