So if you use PowerShell as much as I do then you know that every time you open it there are a number of commands you want to run immediately. So day in and day out you are repeatedly typing a number of commands.

Today we are going to automate that process so you don’t have to type those anymore.

First: We are going to create a “Profile” for you PoweShell instance using the following command from the PoweShell window.

new-item -path $profile -itemtype file -force


Then open the file using this command:

notepad $profile


The file will open in notepad where you can add the commands you want to load at start. I’ve added the command, start-transcript , so you can have an example. The next time I open PowerShell this command will run automatically.


Some Things to keep in mind:

If you create a profile in Notepad make sure to preserve the PS1 file name extension. Sometimes notepad will save your files with the extension .txt.

To load a profile, your Windows PowerShell execution policy must permit you to load configuration files. If it does not, the attempt to load the profile fails and Windows PowerShell displays an error message.

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