10 Things I Learned When I Became A Christian: (#5) Be Scared All The Time

It’s a non-ending message of fear and that’s really something I learned once I became a Christian. Every incident in the world ties to the “End Times”, every decision you make can somehow lead to “Hell” (if you’re not careful). You can’t even trust your own thoughts they say. Your friends may be agents working for the devil and your entertainment a distraction from God, so be careful and don’t love any activity you do too much, don’t be too happy (be on guard you are in danger).

It’s amazing how scared everyone is in the church of everything around them, beware of TV, science, medicine, friends, the government, your family, the list is huge. It reminds me of how the news tries to keep you scared by flashing “Alert” all the time. I’ve listed a few of the types of fears I learned below.

“The End Time Is Near So Be Scared” — This one renews every year, trust me I’ve been watching since Reagan was in office. Any event on TV with a noticeable level of destruction, (especially weather events), signifies that we are getting closer to the end time. If there is an earthquake, “BEWARE”, the time is near. Every military battle is a part of prophecy so “get ready”. Every president is the Antichrist, so “be on guard”. Beware the mark, which at this point is everything given how many things the mark has been over the years.

I saw a young man with a pregnant wife quit his job and then empty his bank account to purchase pamphlets to pass out to people, warning them that the end of the world was about to happen. This all happened because his preacher had him, (and many others), convinced that the rapture was about to occur, and he knew the exact date. His wife was sitting on the couch crying, not because he emptied his bank account or that he quit his job, but rather that her child would never grow up to see the world.

It goes without saying that the world moved on uninterrupted.

“Hell Is Waiting So Be Scared” — I have watched people make terrible decisions because someone threatened them with the possibility of hell.

Imagine being in an abusive relationship with your spouse beating you but you can’t leave because you might go to hell for getting a divorce. It’s a very effective tool for the few to control the many. Meanwhile, those who use it don’t seem to fear it, given their behavior.

“You’re Evil So Be Scared” — This is the trickiest of the fears because it’s “You vs You”. They spend time drilling it into your head that you can’t trust your thoughts. That almost everything you do is evil and of the devil. The TV shows you watch or how often you watch them, the food you eat, what you wear, where you go, what you do for fun, what you think, who you’re with, there is no end to it.

Every day is like a minefield or possibilities that can doom you for all eternity. The stress of it is ridiculous.

“Everyone Else Is Against God So Be Scared” — This one is very easy to understand. Those who are not Christian are lost and controlled by the devil, you can’t hang out with your old friends because they will drag you down and then you could lose your eternal life or as I like to call it (more fear). Stay away from worldly places because you could lose your life in sin (more fear). Stay away from worldly people such as scientist, counselors, teachers and so on. Pretty much everything may be dangerous and has the potential to eat your soul.

The funny part is that your job is safe, (because of money). No need to worry about those people at work because “they are just fine”. They aren’t a bad influence even though you are at work more hours than anywhere else. Global companies making billions while they use up the bulk of your time are “OK” because they give you money. That money is needed because the church “Needs Money” to do God’s work so your job is a blessed place.

Another group that’s safe is politicians. They can literally do no evil if they are in the same party as your church. Your friends could sneeze and jeopardize your soul, but politicians could steal babies and still be a blessing. It’s sick!

The conclusion I came to is that I’m flawed and will never live up to any standard, so I trust in the Lord’s sacrifice and the unending grace of God to save me. Enjoy the life he has given to the fullest in his presence. Love people and go places in peace.

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  1. I think you’re conclusion is correct. We should not be living in fear, but be trusting Yah/God. I have heard ‘the end/rapture/tribulation etc., is about to happen/on this date’ so many times, I just ignore it.

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  2. That pretty much sums it up. The absurdities of being overreligious! (LOL)

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  3. I just started to question everything…wondering if I was wrong or right in everyday things…On one hand you are told to stay away from Worldly people but on the other hand, you are told to help people who are lost… to do that you have to associate with them.
    I have found a middle ground that I live. I will not push it on anyone though.
    when it was pushed on me I rejected it until I found it myself…if that makes sense.

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