The video at the end of this post is a presentation that attempts to prove two theories, first, that the “Back To The Future” franchise is coded with references to the 911 terrorist attacks in NY and second that movies in general are information portals for future events.

Let’s look at the first claim.

It starts with a scene from the movie where the main characters are at the “Twin Pines” mall, a reference to the (Twin Towers). Also, note that the clock on the sign is “911″ (upside down)


The camera also pans in on the timepieces for both main characters and shows additional 911 references.


The scene is then introduced to a sudden terrorist attack by two Muslim extremists. The two attackers successfully kill the target (two successful plane crashes on 911)


The main character then travels back in time to save the doc from being killed by terrorists. In the frame is a very odd 911 visual between the auto store sign (left) and the two fire tire tracks on the ground.


The main character returns to the mall right after the two terrorists complete a successful attack. The mall sign now reads, “Lone Pine” mall, (Single Tower). Since the pines represent the towers then the single pine represents the now “One World Tower“, (One World Trade Center).

This particular change is very interesting since I didn’t see any tie into the plot of the movie. It was also done so quickly that you could easily miss it. I don’t know why this happened in the movie, so I give some credit to the video maker for finding it and pointing it out.


The next scenes are more direct and focus on the twin pine – twin tower analogy. In a scene, in the main characters home, we see them watching a screen where twin pines are showing. Then the image scrolls to the twin towers. 1112

You can also see the tip of the statue of Liberty sitting on the table.

If you are looking from the perspective of the character in the scene who is hanging upside down, then you will see the twin towers falling rather than scrolling up. (crashing symbolism).


Also, keep in mind that the major subplot of the movie is to save the “Tower”. There is a recurring warning to save the tower throughout the movie. It has to be saved because it will be struck.


The second claim in the video is that movies (in general) are portals for future information. This part of the video focuses on his theory (not evidence) of what movies are and how they can see the future or possibly change the past. It’s a very interesting display of connections. He states that people like Robert Zemeckis are using this capability to leak information to the public.


He also goes on to state that Robert made it clear with a direct reference between movies in 1985 and 2015. For this part of the video, I think it would be best to watch it directly given the complexity of the connections.



I will say this for the second claim, I myself found a pattern in movies and created a three-part article on how I think it works and the proof I found on how to access it. Here is the link to my 3 articles. “Fragments of Future Data”

Watch his video to get a first-hand understanding of the connections being made, it’s very interesting.

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  1. This proves that once your mind is made up, you will find proof everywhere and in everything, about everything. No one ever approaches anything without already having their own bias. You can attempt to, but in the back of your mind, you’ve already decided.

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    • I disagree. There is no reason to dismiss the claim or to embrace it. Either would be bias in favour of a position that fits the individuals predilection.

      Instead we should simply look at it from a data perspective. Can we apply this type of data mining to other movies and gain an advantage regardless of where the information comes from.

      You statd — “You can attempt to, but in the back of your mind, you’ve already decided.”

      My response — I will agree with you partially , human bias is not an absolute. We do not apply bias to everything, we are not that perfect in our response to external stimuli.

      I have been studying this phenomenon for a while you may want t take a look at this and see if you still think it’s fictional.

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    • I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand – there do appear to be a number of movies/shows that left subtle predictions about 9/11 (I’ve seen numerous clips). One more wouldn’t surprise me. Although in this case it’s kinda hard to tell (or perhaps it’s just my huge love of “Back to the Future” getting in the way… LOL)

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  2. This is so weird! There are so many tv shows and films that show little predictions of 9/11!

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  3. Certainly an interesting theory. I don’t know whether or not to believe it, but it’s certainly a possibility.

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  4. Interesting thesis. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were actually hinting at 9/11. Not sure, though. Who knows? But I won’t just dismiss it.

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  5. What IF, just if, terrorists used movies as inspiration? So I’d turn it around – the movies aren’t predicting catastrophes, they are what causes them. Thoughts?


  6. Because ALL music, literature, film (so on and so forth) is controlled, I am going to say that those in power “leak” a certain amount of information to (oh I don’t know) see who is paying attention. They realize that some people have their eyes open.
    Divide the people to conquer the people.

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